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Touring Wildwood’s New Starbucks

Touring Wildwood’s New Starbucks

Residents and visitors in Wildwood, New Jersey, are abuzz with anticipation as their very own Starbucks has officially opened its doors! Nestled at the intersection of Rio Grande and Park Boulevard (4800 Park Boulevard), this marks the newest addition to the Starbucks family in Cape May County and notably the first in the Wildwoods.

Although the grand opening unfolded at the close of September, the Wildwood Video Archive opted to delay their filming by a few weeks, allowing the crews ample time to establish a solid presence at the location.

In December 2021, Wildwood Park Developers LLC acquired the property for a sum of $650,000. Interestingly, the previous proprietors, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, had initially procured the space with intentions to create a Doo-Wop style establishment, a vision that swiftly dissipated.

Delving into public records uncovered a hidden revelation: Wildwood Park Developers LLC essentially served as a front for Starbucks. It wasn’t until May 2022 that the public caught a glimpse of the initial mockups for the Wildwood Starbucks, with the official presentation scheduled for the June Planning and Zoning meeting in Wildwood.

Touring Wildwood’s New Starbucks

Touring Wildwood’s New Starbucks

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These mockups unveiled a distinguishing feature that sets this Starbucks apart from its South Jersey counterparts—it will lack indoor seating and an indoor bathroom.

This emerging trend is becoming the norm for new Starbucks establishments nationwide, emphasizing grab-and-go counters over traditional lobbies.

For patrons, three convenient options await: utilizing the drive-thru, placing a mobile order for pickup, or strolling up to the window for a swift to-go service. The absence of a lobby translates to no restroom facilities for guests.

While the patio provides an ideal spot to relish your coffee, the video highlights that this is primarily a summer amenity, given the current brisk weather.

Before commencing the video shoot, the Wildwood Video Archive team engaged the Starbucks team to discern their primary challenges at the new location. A notable hurdle was patrons grappling with the intricacies of the new parking/order system and navigating property entry.

A solitary main entrance welcomes patrons into Starbucks, with three designated exit points.

The primary entrance faces Park Boulevard, while the Rio Grande Avenue side facilitates westward exits onto Rio Grande, and Taylor Avenue serves as another exit to the west.

For those opting for the drive-thru experience while staying on the island, the prescribed route involves utilizing the jug handle in front of Starbucks.

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This maneuver guides patrons through the parking lot, eventually leading onto Park Boulevard.

An entrance from Taylor Avenue into the parking lot is available but due to where the drive-thru live starts, you wouldn’t be able to enter and will have to park or make a U-turn in the lot.

You can check out a tour of the New Starbucks at the bottom of this article which explains the location and how you should enter and exit.

The new Wildwood Starbucks will be open year-round which is great if you want to get your Starbucks fix without having to leave the property.

In essence, the unveiling of Starbucks in Wildwood introduces a unique experience, catering to the evolving preferences of patrons seeking a swift, grab-and-go coffee experience amidst the picturesque setting of Wildwood, New Jersey.

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