Truck Stuck In N. Wildwood Surf – Photos

Truck Stuck In N. Wildwood Surf

Truck Stuck In N. Wildwood Surf

Yesterday afternoon a very interesting thing took place on the North Wildwood beach.

Roughly around 3 pm today, 911 received a phone call that a silver truck had gotten stuck on the North Wildwood beach around 5th Avenue.

Due to the erosion that’s taking place on the beach, the truck was pinned up against a two-foot sand cliff. Quickly the tide starts to move inland causing the truck to get stuck in the mud.

North Wildwood Police Department and North Wildwood Public Works responded to the call along with Ladder 2.

At first, they attempted to use a small skid steer loader to pull the truck out from behind but unfortunately, the tide came in so quickly that the loader got stuck.

By this point, the water was up to the door jams of the truck.

Around 6 pm the truck was pulled out of the surf with the help of a Caterpillar hydraulic excavator.

The excavator attached a chain to the tow hook and pulled the truck backwards up the sand foot sand cliff.

Thank you to the NYPD, NWPW, and Ladder 2 for their hard work.

As a reminder, you need a permit to drive your truck on the beach. If you do have a permit you need to keep an eye on the tide chart of this will happen to you!

[Photos by North Wildwood Fire Department]

Yesterday was also Morey’s Piers opening day. Check out our video from the day below.

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