Two Motels In The Wildwoods Sold

We are less then a month away from the unofficial start of the summer and big moves are still taking place.

As we said many times by now, this is the most construction, demolition and sales of businesses we have seen in a long time.

The selling of a two motels in The Wildwoods this past week only enforced our claim.

Two Motels In The Wildwoods Sold

Two Motels In The Wildwoods Sold

According to public records, last week the Pink Champagne Motel, located at 4910 Atlantic Ave in Wildwood, sold for $990,000.

No need to worry though because the new owner, who we know, will be keeping it a motel and making some improvements on it.

Strangely enough, according to our records this motel had been purchased again back in 2019 for $816,879. 

Another mention is that this wasn’t the only motel sold in the Wildwoods this past week.

According to Cape Islands Realty, the world famous The Caribbean Motel, located at 5600 Ocean Ave in Wildwood Crest sold.

This too will continue to be a motel.

If you haven’t done so yet, jump online and book your next vacation to The Wildwoods!

We wish the new owners the best of luck and thank you for saving these beautiful buildings and allowing them to continue their long lives!

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