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Two Wildwood Crest Motels Up For Sale!

Two Wildwood Crest Motels Up For Sale!

It seems that this off-season has been a warm bed for motel owners to sell like crazy. We just found out that two motels, one of which that just sold, are up for sale!

The motels, Singapore and the Ocean View have been listed online for $24,995,000. The motels are both located on the same block, 7201 OCEAN Wildwood Crest NJ 08260.

If you remember that a few months back we reported that the Singapore’s owners were buying the Oceanview. (Click here to read the article). Now it seems that they have decided to take the entire block and put it up for sale.

This is what the listing online says;

“Never before, Never again in Wildwood Crest. The largest parcel of direct beachfront real estate is being marketed for developers. 2 motels currently sit on this over 2 acre, complete square block parcel of beachfront land that is indisputably the best piece of available beachfront property on the Jersey Shore.”

No word on if a new buyer will keep them as motels or mow them over for condos. Please tune in later for more details!

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