We Need Your Wildwood Reels & Films!

As you all may know, The Wildwood Video Archive is a website dedicated to preserving the history of the Wildwoods.

We Need Your Wildwood Reels & Films!

We Need Your Wildwood Reels & Films!

Since 2014 we have been going to estate sales, bidding on online eBay sales and have gotten donated 8mm and 16mm reels/films and converting them. After color correcting them we put them online for the world to enjoy!

These films are a snap shot of a gone by era in history.

With the every changing times, people forget that they have a treasure trove of films hiding somewhere in their house. For the most part people put them in the attic and over time they start to go bad. The sensitivity of the silver halides can begin to degrade causing them to get stuck together and smell like vinegar.

At WVA we want to preserve this history.

We are asking everyone to go look in your attic and see if you have 8mm or 16mm films of any town in Cape May County.

If you do please shoot us an email at WildwoodVideoArchive@gmail.com

What I propose is this. If you are able to get us the films I will digitize them and color correct them. I will return the reels to you with a digital file (via email) of the footage.

If there are useable footage of the Wildwoods or any town in Cape May County we will add it to the Wildwood Video Archive so that the younger generations will always know the Wildwood we grew up in.

To give you an example of what I do check out these 8mm reel from the Composi family!

We have about 300 videos on the site and are adding more and more each day. The website is updated daily with new videos and sometimes articles. Some of the best content we get are from home family videos.

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