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What’s Left Of Woody’s Cafe

What’s Left Of Woody’s

What’s Left Of Woody’s

What’s Left Of Woody’s Cafe

About two weeks ago we announced that Woody’s Place located at 18th and New Jersey was getting demolished. You can check out videos and photos of the demolition by clicking the link below.

Woody’s Cafe Knocked Down

Since then everyone has been asking what if left on the property. Well today we decided to give you a tour of the location.

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For those who just joined us, here is a short reason why Woody’s Place was knocked down.

Since 2014 the building has sat empty. After awhile people started breaking into the building. This winter someone broke in and started a fire. While the building was being held up by multiple banks with no one claiming full ownership the city boarded it up and named it unsafe. The city gave the owners 60 days to fix the issues if not they would demo the property.

Now your caught up!

If you want to read the full story about the demolition click the link below. It goes into more detail.

N. Wildwood Taking Steps To Knock Down Woodys

If you want to see our tour before it was knocked it down click the link below.

Saying Goodbye to Woody’s Cafe

Take a look at our tour below and please subscribe to our YouTube channel –