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What’s Open This Weekend In The Wildwoods Aug 7th – 9th

What’s Open This Weekend In The Wildwoods Aug 7th – 9th

As we head into the weekend let’s do our recap of what will be open this weekend in the Wildwoods.

What’s Open This Weekend In The Wildwoods Aug 7th - 9th

What’s Open This Weekend In The Wildwoods Aug 7th – 9th

Due to the recent storm some places around the Wildwoods are still without power so be sure to check ahead before heading to your favorite spot off island. 

Please keep in mind that with covid-19 rising some of these things could change. 

NJ Governor Phil Murphy has mandated that face masks must be worn outdoors when social distancing isn’t possible. If you want to read about the order click the link below.

NJ Governor Mandates Masks

Currently New Jersey is in Stage 2 of the covid-19 reopening.What is open includes

  • Museums
  • Aquariums
  • Libraries
  • Bowling Alleys
  • Indoor Batting Cages
  • Boardwalk Arcades
  • Outdoor Waterparks
  • Casinos
  • Playgrounds
  • Outdoor Amusement Parks
  • Boardwalk Games
  • Arcades
  • Mini Golf

So does this mean for down here.

At this time our Boardwalk is allowed to be open. Waterparks, Rides, Games, Stores and Arcades can open with restrictions.

These restrictions include;

  • Arcades only allowing 25% capacity
  • Amusements only allowing 50% capacity
  • Most Restaurants Are only allowing outdoor dining or carry-out

Morey’s Piers is open BUT will only offer LIMITED rides. At this time only Mariners Pier (with limited rides), Surfside Pier (with limited rides), Adventure Pier (Some Extreme Rides) and Raging Waters water park will be open this weekend.

Morey’s Piers had to make a ton of changed to ensure everyone’s safety. One of those changes is a gate and reservation system. For full details on this click the link below.

Morey’s Piers Implements A Gate And Reservation System

For those asking about the Friday Night fireworks, they finally return this Friday Aug 7th but in a new location. You can read the press release by clicking the link below.

Wildwood Friday Night Fireworks Are BACK Starting Aug 7th

With the rising of cases the Governor has postponed the opening of indoor dining and lowered the amount gatherings to only a max of 25 people. 

Most restaurants on the boardwalk and off the boardwalk are open for business. Restaurants have already started their outdoor dining. If you want to watch a video on how that looks click the link below.

Wildwood Restaurants Prepare for Outdoor Dining

Many boardwalk businesses do not have an outdoor seating area which would mean that they are could be take-out only.

The beaches are open to sit and enjoy! Be sure to swim near a lifeguard.

If you are wondering what going to the beach is like during a pandemic watch the video by clicking the link below. 

Going to The Beach During A Pandemic – Vlog

Bars are open for drinks to-go. This is something very new. If you want the full article click HERE but the gist is that now you can get drinks from your favorite bar and take it home to drink it.

Mayor Pete Byron used his executive power to close Pacific Avenue to traffic to help businesses be able to use the Right-of-Way in front of their stores for dining tables. From Lincoln Ave to Spicer Ave the streets are closed creating a “Pacific Avenue Mall.” You can watch a video tour of this mall below.

Downtown Wildwood Becomes Pacific Avenue Mall (Tour)

Motels and Hotels ARE open! Give your favorite spot a call and see if they have any rooms open. Pools are open as well (Click the link below for more details)

Wildwood Hotel and Motel Pools To Open June 22nd

As a reminder, It is STILL required to wear a mask when visiting ANY businesses even if it’s on the boardwalk.

Governor Murphy is also urging people to wear a mask or face covering while in more crowded areas or on the boardwalks.

Please again keep in mind that these rules and orders do change quickly. Tune back later for more info!