What’s That On The Wildwood Beach??

What’s That On The Wildwood Beach??

What’s That On The Wildwood Beach??

Even though summer is gone the island is still busy with activity. I would even go as far to say that this is the busiest I have seen the town in the shoulder season in a very long time.

I bring this up because even though we are heading into the end of September we are still having people travel to the Wildwoods from all over the states. (HINT, still time for a vacation!!!) One family I want to highlight is the Potts family from Princeton New Jersey.

They decided to stay Sunday-Thursday this week and while walking on the beach on Tuesday they noticed a giant crane near the water’s edge behind the Wildwood Sign. Not knowing what it was they decided to shoot us a message.

Thanks for the question Potts family! Here’s whats going on!

That crane is part of a large project that has been going on for a few months now…the new pump house project.

We go deep into the details of the project in a past article, Construction By the Wildwood Boardwalk Explained.

In short, the main pump house is almost complete. Now the workers are installing a bulkhead by the water’s edge. That crane has a tool that vibrates which moves the sand. Along with the weight of the machine and vibration the 20 foot tall bulkhead gets put deep into the sand.

This section will serve as the out-pipe of the pumping operation.

Thanks for the question Potts family!

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