When Does The Wildwood Boardwalk Close For The Season 

It’s that time of year where that dreaded question starts pouring into our inbox on Facebook or Instagram; “When Does The Wildwood Boardwalk Close For The Season?”

We called it the dreaded question because no one wants to see summer end. After a summer full of fun in the sun it’s always sad to see our favorite guests go home but it’s a valid question.

There isn’t really one short answer on when The Wildwood Boardwalk Closes For The season so we decided to break it down for you.

Quite simply the physical Wildwood Boardwalk does not close for the season. It is open year-round to walk, run, bike, or hopscotch (if that’s your thing).

One of our favorite things to do is to walk the boardwalk during the winter snow, it is magical.

Everything else on the Wildwood Boardwalk closes in different steps.

The games, restaurants, and arcades are all individually owned and operated. They don’t have a set time when they close for the season.

Some places, such as Gateway 26, the Retro Arcade, and the Fudge Kitchen are open for most of the year.

About 80% of the places up there follow the Morey’s Piers schedule for when they open and close.

Morey’s Piers closing schedule is different every year but it always ends with just one pier being open, Mariner’s Pier.

These games, restaurants, and arcades normally close when their closest pier closes for the season. That could change for this year)

For More’s Piers up-to-date schedule please visit their website.

For summer 2022 Surfside Pier (26th and the boardwalk) closed on September 4th. (aka the day before Labor Day)

Adventure Pier (Spencer Ave) closes on September 5th (Labor Day).

Mariners Pier will continue to stay open starting weekends until Sunday, October 9th. (this is during their Oktoberfest festivities).

Keep in mind there are many events going on down here throughout the off-season. From the Fall Irish Fest to all of the Christmas activities, the Wildwoods are a year-round town!

In the near future, we will post the closing dates for many of your favorite restaurants and places down here. Stay tuned.

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