Wildwood Beach Storm Evacuation

Wildwood Beach Storm Evacuation

Wildwood Beach Storm Evacuation – Vlog

Everyone likes to joke that the Wildwoods has a bubble around it that protects it from bad weather. We call it the Morey bubble, but we have heard it called many things.

On Monday, while on the beach, we started to see some dark clouds move into the area. Looking at the radar it looked like the Morey bubble was going to hold as we decided to film a video showing you how cool the weather looked.

After about thirty minutes into filming the shelf cloud, the one seen in the main photo of this article, quickly sprinted down our coast line. The storm cell that was with it brought some thunder and lightening and so the lifeguards first removed everyone from the water and then asked us all the evacuate the beach.

The lifeguards did an amazing job in keeping everyone safe from the weather.

Now as I said above, I was filming all this as it was unfolding. So without further ado here is the vlog of us getting evacuated from the beach.

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