Wildwood Boardwalk Kohrs Brothers Demolished

Kohrs Brothers is a staple on the Wildwoods Boardwalk and on many food courts in the state of New Jersey.

For those who don’t know, Kohrs Brothers is a family-owned ice cream company that has been in operation since the early 1900s.

In 1917, Archie Kohr, a school teacher from York, Pennsylvania, decided to expand the dairy business he ran with his younger brothers, Elton and Lester, by purchasing a locally made ice cream machine powered by a gasoline engine.

Wildwood Boardwalk Kohrs Brothers Demolished

Wildwood Boardwalk Kohrs Brothers Demolished

The machine allowed the brothers to make their own fresh, homemade ice cream and sell it door to door from a horse-drawn wagon.

As they experimented with the recipe, they found that by reducing the fat and sugar content, they were able to create a smoother and lighter product.

However, Archie and Elton were not satisfied with the results and decided to modify the machine by changing and adjusting certain parts. When they ran the modified recipe through the machine, the resulting frozen dessert was unlike anything they had ever tasted before – it was creamy, cold, and refreshing.

Sylvester, the Kohr brothers took their new machine and frozen dessert to the boardwalk of Coney Island in 1919 where it became a hit and now they are found in 26 different locations.

Here in the Wildwoods Kohrs Brothers opened up three different locations.

Their locations on the Wildwood Boardwalk include 26th street, Cedar Ave, and on the corner of Morey’s Piers Adventure Pier (aka Youngs Ave).

For a few months now we have been talking about a massive renovation that will be taking place on Adventure Pier.

In June 2020, Morey’s Piers announced that they would be revamping the entrance to the pier which would include a massive food court.

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MAJOR Overhaul For Morey’s Adventure Pier Proposed

In short, Morey’s wanted to keep their theming of using shipping containers to build out their Art Box style toward the front of the pier.

This meant that the boat tag boat, located at the front left of the pier had to be removed. Demolition of Boat tag took place back in November with the ride being put up for sale. At this time there is no indication that Boat Tag had been purchased. Some of the ride vehicles are still sitting on the pier.

The Wildwood Video Archive visited Adventure Piers to film what it looks like without Boat Tag. You can check out that video at the bottom of the article.

Along with the renovation of the left side of the pier, Morey’s indicated that the entire front of the pier will get a facelift with the container theming. This included the building where Kohr Brothers were located.

According to the original blueprints for the project, the existing Kohr Brothers building would be completely removed. In its place would be a two-level food and beverage box made out of containers.

The plans did indicate that Kohrs Brothers would be coming back. If it all goes to plan, they will be open again by Memorial Day Weekend.