Wildwood Boardwalk Repair Update (Tour)

Wildwood Boardwalk Repair Update (Tour)

Wildwood Boardwalk Repair Update (Tour)

This has truly been a roller coaster of emotions for the Wildwood Boardwalk repair project.

As you may know, last summer part of the Wildwood Boardwalk, (past the Wildwoods convention center) had to be closed to issues with the concrete supports where the tram car drives on. It started to crack and so repairs had to be made.

They started repairing it in January and it was almost completed in April when a storm came through and blew the pieces into the air.

It just so happened that we toured the boardwalk a day before the wind storm. You can check out that video by clicking the link below.

Wildwood Boardwalk Damage Tour

After the storm we went back to film the damaged boardwalk. Click the link below for that video

Wildwood Boardwalk Storm Damage

As soon as the storm passed the city of Wildwood got right to work on repairing the boardwalk.

Time for the good news. Last week the repairs of the Wildwood Boardwalk were officially finally done and is now open again for the tram cars.

We decided to go under the boardwalk to show you what the repairs look like.

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