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Wildwood Boardwalk Under Construction – Feb UPDATE

Wildwood Boardwalk Under Construction – Feb UPDATE

One of the most significant undertakings in the Wildwoods is the ongoing reconstruction of the Wildwood Boardwalk. This multi-year project, spanning five phases, is set to bring a new lease of life to the much-loved boardwalk.

The boardwalk reconstruction is a comprehensive effort to modernize and enhance the visitor experience plus bring new life into the almost 100-year-old boardwalk.

Wildwood Boardwalk Under Construction - Feb UPDATE

Wildwood Boardwalk Under Construction – Feb UPDATE

The project involves the replacement of the boardwalk’s wooden planks, the removal of the concrete tramways, the repairing of the existing supports, and the installation of new cables.

This is Phase 2 of the project and is the longest stretch.

Phase 1 was from Oak to Maple Ave and was completed just before Memorial Day Weekend 2022.

Phase 2 of the project picks up from Maple Ave and runs all the way up to 26th street.

Visitors who watch out latest drone video, located at the bottom of this article, will notice that the wood is a different color.

This wood is very different than the one used in phase 1 and to understand why you have to go back to 2020.

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The city of Wildwood wanted to purchase strong wood for the boardwalk that could last a long time. After extensive research, they chose cumaru, which is a Brazilian teak wood.

It was the pandemic and just like many other projects, materials were delayed. If the city had waited for the Cumaru to arrive, the boardwalk wouldn’t have been ready for Memorial Day Weekend 2022.

As an alternative to make sure the boardwalk would be open by Memorial Day Weekend, the city made the decision to purchase other wood to finish the project and use the Cumaru in Phase 2.

The Wildwood Boardwalk phases are funded mainly by County and State grants, there is no word on what Phases 3-5 will look like.

The city of Wildwood is trying its best to make the price of this project not fall into the hands of the local residents.

Since the boardwalk generates millions of dollars in state revenue, Mayor Pete Byron has worked with New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy to obtain much of the funds.

This past week the Wildwood Video Archive visited the construction site and filmed a drone tour.

From the looks of it, the project is ahead of schedule and could be done by Easter Weekend if the weather continues to be mild.

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