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Wildwood Crest 1971

Wildwood Crest 1971

One of the biggest things we do here at the Wildwood Video Archive is preserving old home movies from the 1940s through the 1990s. Heck, it’s in our name “video archive.”

Wildwood Crest 1971

Wildwood Crest 1971

We do this by visiting estate sales, obtaining old family films (via donations), and purchasing bulk 8mm and 16mm films off eBay.

Today we have struck gold with a film that throws you back in time to a snapshot of Wildwood Crest history from 1971.

This video, which only indicated Crest vacation 71, shows a time capsule of places and things no longer around.

In this video, you will see The Big Pink Flamingo, the Captain’s Table, the old beach patrol jeeps, plus the Grenada, Commander, Villa Nova and so much more.

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Enjoy the video.

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