North Wildwood hosted the 47th annual Beschen-Callahan Memorial Lifeguard Race on Friday July eighteenth (18)th and it was a great event.  For those who didn’t make it down to North Wildwood, here are the results.

In the end Wildwood Crest BP won with 12 points as Wildwood BP won second with 11 points and Upper Township BP took third with 10 points.



Here is a break down of each event and what place everyone took
Team scoring 
1. Wildwood Crest 12; 2. Wildwood 11; 3. Upper Township 10; 4. Stone Harbor 9; 5. Avalon 9 (Stone Harbor finished higher in the doubles row, the South Jersey Lifeguard Chiefs Association tiebreaker); 6. Sea Isle City 8; 7. North Wildwood 7.
Doubles row
1. Upper Township (Jon O’Neil-Joe O’Neil) 5:30; 2. Stone Harbor (Brendan Keegans-Brendan Mason) 5:40; 3. Wildwood Crest (Austin Neri-TJ Kuhar) 5:49; 4. Avalon (Jacob Enright-Matt Wolf) 5:52.
1. Kevin Gill, Upper Township 9:53; 2. Joey Ferrari, Sea Isle City 10:00; 3. John Gregory, Avalon 10:12; 4. Bill Auty, Wildwood 10:32.
Paddleboard race
1. Tom Coleman, Wildwood 6:21; 2. Kevin Kelly, Wildwood Crest 6:27; 3. Dave Allison, Sea Isle City 6:41; 4. Mike Drumm, North Wildwood 6:47.
Surf dash
1. Wildwood (Kevin Mallon, Kyle Mallon, John Rauchut, Ken Rauchut) 2:28; 2. Sea Isle City 2:30; 3. Stone Harbor 2:32; 4. Wildwood Crest 2:36.
Singles row
1. Pete Lees, North Wildwood 4:52; 2. Erich Wolf, Avalon 4:57; 3. Zac Campbell, Stone Harbor 5:01; 4. Austin Neri, Wildwood Crest 5:06.
Can run
1. Brett Pedersen, Wildwood Crest 1:32; 2. Anthony Richardson, Avalon, 1:33; 3. John Ruskey, Stone Harbor 1:37; 4. Steve Cassel, North Wildwood.


All of our lifeguards performed amazingly and even though only one city wins they are all winners everyday as they keep us all safe!

Here’s a little background on the annual event, (Beschen-Callahan Memorial Lifeguard Race) explains the history of the race as,

“The North Wildwood Beach Patrol held the 1st Beschen-Callahan Memorial Lifeguard Races in 1969. These races were originated by Beach Director “Raz” D’Amico and Captain Doug DeWeese to honor James Beschen and Michael Callahan, two former lifeguards who gave their lives for their country in Vietnam”

There are six (6) races that make up the Beschen-Callahan Memorial Lifeguard Race. Those races are, Double Row, Swimming, Rescue Board, Surf Dash, Singles Row and Can Run.