Wildwood Crest Motel to be Torn Down

There is some heartbreaking news coming out of Wildwood Crest this week.

The Lampliter Oceanside Motel has gotten the green light to be demolished.

A few months back we announced that the Lampliter, which is located at 419 E Atlanta Ave in Wildwood Crest, had sold and would not be returning as a motel.

Wildwood Crest Motel to be Torn Down

Wildwood Crest Motel to be Torn Down

The announcement came from their own Facebook page which read, “Lampliter is closing down. Refunds will be mailed out this week.”

It was a week later that the motel sold and that we found out it would be torn down to become two single-family homes which will cost a few million dollars each.

The demolition of a motel down here is something we do not take lightly. There is a moratorium in Wildwood Crest on the demolition of motels after Memorial Day.

According to the Facebook page, Preserving the Wildwoods, “ the Lamplighter Motel was suddenly deemed “unsafe” and approved for demolition.”

This is definitely not the way this should have happened.

As of this morning crews already started ripping out the pool area and will be starting on the south section.

We do plan on stopping by on Saturday to grab some drone videos of the building before this history is completely gone.

Here is a little history about the motel.

Lampliter Oceanside Motel was a combination of two different motels, The Lampliter and the Oceanside motel. The owners had owned the Lampliter and purchased the Oceanside, later on, to combine them into the Lampliter Oceanside.

In a way, we are losing two motels.

Check back later for the drone video.