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Wildwood Crest to Get New Beach Patrol Building

Wildwood Crest to Get New Beach Patrol Building

On December 14th, Wildwood Crest submitted a public notice stating that they will be looking for bids soon to fix up their Crest Beach Patrol Headquarters.

Located on the beach at Rambler road, this building has been home to the Crest Beach Patrol for many decades with not many renovations.

When it was first built in the late 1950s, it was just a small two-room building with a ramp. Over time as the beach patrol got bigger they needed more space. This was when more rooms and floors were added.

The last renovation came in 1980 when the interior got a refresh but that’s about the change.

The non-mandatory pre-bid meeting took place on December 21 with a bid selection date of January 19th.

This meeting is the official kick-off of the project when bidders could come in and see the designs. Those looking to see them can visit DeBlasio & Associates, P.C which has all the documents prepared.

This project and design have been in the minds of the Crest for several years now with many years of development behind it.

Wildwood Crest’s Mayor Don Cabrera said on Facebook today ‘The current building is inefficient, dated and one of the last public buildings that need our municipal attention.”

Since the building sits right on the beach, in order for any work to begin they had to submit a CAFRA report to the state.

The Crest’s application didn’t call for a full demolition of the building but instead a massive renovation.

The renovations included updated plumbing and electricity, new windows, doors, and facade, and a new roof design. The current flat roof causes water to pool on top which has led to a ton of leaks.

The new roof will be pitched and allow water to roll off.

Wildwood Crest to Get New Beach Patrol Building

Wildwood Crest to Get New Beach Patrol Building

The biggest change coming to the building would be an added loft. This is the area that would have the lookout area on the roof. It will be enclosed and built 15 more feet to the building height.

An application was submitted all the way back in December 2021. This was done so fast in advance since some CAFRA reports take up to eight months.

In October their application was approved by the state of New Jersey giving them a few months to spare before bidding opened.

Mayor Cabrera said, “If all goes as planned, construction could start in the spring 2023.”

This isn’t the only major project taking place on Rambler road. The Oceanview Motels is becoming the Madison Resort, For more info on that click the link below.

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