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Wildwood Drone Rules

Wildwood Drone Rules

I am going to step away from my normal fun postings for a serious one, Wildwood Drone Rules.

As you may know from the videos on this website or on our Youtube channel, I am a big drone guy. Personally I have been flying drones for the past five (5) years now and have five (5) drones in my arsenal. I started with drones before the FAA created all of their rules but knew from experience what to do and not to do. Today we are going to go over all the rules you have to follow in order to fly in Wildwood.

To start off, most of these rules are US Government rules that can be found on their website Feel free to check it out and give it a read.

The government agency who created these rules is the Federal Aviation Administration. After years of research on how to create an environment where professional pilots and UAS pilots could use took a few years.

As of December 21, 2015 these are their main rules

Keep your sUAS in eyesight at all times, and use an observer to assist if needed.

Fly Under 400 Feet Do not intentionally fly over unprotected persons or moving vehicles, and remain at least 25 feet away from individuals and vulnerable property.

Don’t fly after dark – Dark is considered 30 minutes before official sunrise or 30 minutes after official sunset.

Contact the airport and control tower before flying within five miles of an airport or heliport. (Read about best practices here)

Do not fly in adverse weather conditions such as in high winds or reduced visibility.

Do not fly near or over sensitive infrastructure or property such as power stations, water treatment facilities, correctional facilities, heavily traveled roadways, government facilities, etc.

In Wildwood we have one local rule and that is you cannot fly within 200 feet of any of the piers.

So what does this mean for you when you fly in Wildwood.

Keep the drone under 400 feet (the banner planes fly at 250 feet so stay clear)

Don’t fly over people (No flying over the boardwalk or over the beach when people are present)

Do not fly within 200 feet of the piers. (If you do they have to shut the rides down. It is a big safety risk)

No flying after sundown. (As much as we love the fireworks drone videos, if a firework were to hit the drone people wouldn’t be able to see where the drone is falling and could get hit)

If you have any questions on these rules please feel free to reach out to me at

Look at the end of the day I want you to fly your drone down here. Wildwood is beyond beautiful but there is a safe way of doing it. I don’t want our town to become like Ocean City who completely banned it.

Fly safe!