Wildwood Lifeguard Pre-Season Schedule 2022

You know that summer is right around the corner when our amazing lifeguards start posting their schedule for the year.

Wildwood Lifeguard Pre-Season Schedule 2022

Wildwood Lifeguard Pre-Season Schedule 2022

Looking at the Weather App, we don’t see temperatures down here hitting the 70s until the end of May. I know this won’t stop too many people from catching some rays on the beach.

A quick reminder that you should NEVER go swimming without a lifeguard on duty.

Our lifeguards are trained to keep an eye on the rip-currents.

If you notice someone having an emergency in the water please call 911 right away.

In the city of Wildwood, if you see a red flag “no swim flags’ this means that area is a no swimming area.

Here is the Wildwood Lifeguard Pre-Season Schedule through June 12th.

Wildwood lifeguards will be on duty Memorial Day Weekend May 28th-30th, June 4th-5th, and June 11th-12th.

The hours will be 10 am – 5:30 pm.

Lifeguards will be on duty at the following locations.

Creese, Leaming, Rio Grande, Andrews, Baker, Youngs, Spicer, Lincoln, Oak, Maple, Magnolia and 26th Street.

Beginning June 13th, there will be limited daily lifeguard coverage.

Stay tuned for more details.

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