Wildwood McDonald’s Tour

For a while now we have been reporting on the brand NEW McDonald’s that took place of an old McDonald’s on Wildwood’s Rio Grande Ave.

When we first reported on this NEW McDonald’s when it was very early in the year. Over time we saw the local county fire departments practicing inside the building, saw the building get ripped down and then we watched week-by-week as the new one was getting built.

I put together a few links that detailed our coverage on the property. Click one of the links to read or watch those videos. [Video tour on the bottom of the page]

Wildwood Mcdonald’s Update (May 31st)

Wildwood McDonald’s Update (May 17th)

McDonald’s Demolition Drone Video

Fire Rescue Training At Wildwood’s McDonalds

Wildwood to Get Doo-Wop McDonalds

The new McDonald’s officially opened up shop last week and the number one thing many followers asked was if I could do a full video tour. Your wish is my command.

Below is the tour of the Wildwood McDonald’s. From inside the building, outside the building and drone footage of the building we surely have every vantage point of this building covered.

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