Wildwood Motel SOLD

Wildwood Motel SOLD

With it being so close to the start of the season there are still big changes taking place through-out the Wildwoods.

One of those big changes is the announcement of one of the motels being sold.

According to the Cape May Herald, 305 E Youngs Ave sold for $930,000 to 305 East Youngs Ave LLC.

After googling the address we found that this location was the Tropicana Motel.

We do have good news about this motel. The new owners just so happen to own the NEW hotel that is being built right in front of the Tropicana Motel. That’s right!

The Waves Hotel owners purchased the motel and will operate both of them this summer.

We just did a tour of the NEW hotel, The Waves Hotel. Check out our tour in the video below.

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