For anyone who has ever been to Wildwood, New Jersey, you already know how great of a place The Wildwoods are.

Recently  The Wildwoods have been getting a ton of media attention from newspapers and magazines who are holding their annual “Best of New Jersey” competitions. Better Homes & Gardens Magazine, and, have all just finished their competitions and The Wildwoods made the list. In this past month alone, Wildwood was named one of the nation’s ‘Top 10 Beaches You Must Visit With Your Family”, by Better Homes & Gardens Magazine, named ‘The Most Beautiful Place” in New Jersey by the website,, and was voted, “Best Shore Town” by the readers of

These “Best of” competitions are different for each publication. As for, they allow their readers to vote their favorate shore town. After three rounds a winner is picked.  For  Better Homes & Gardens Magazine, their editor picks what they think is the best 10 beaches in America. In, Thrillist Media Group asked questions to many different tourism boards from different states to find what the must-see spots are within each state.

We LOVE to see the Wildwoods in these kinds of polls. These help us spread the word about Wildwood and how great of a place it really is here. A good example of the out-reach is  Better Homes & Gardens Magazine

For those who have never heard of Better Homes & Gardens Magazine, they are owned by Meredith Direct Media. According to their website,,

“No other magazine resonates with America’s families like Better Homes and Gardens. Selling 7.6 million copies each month, it’s the nation’s second largest magazine in paid circulation. Better Homes and Gardens delivers 86% more potential home buyers than House Beautiful, Architectural Digest and Martha Stewart Living combined!”

That means that Wildwood was now broadcasted to over 7.6 million readers. This surely will help spread the word about Wildwood!

Next time you see a poll about your Favorite Beach, Favorite Amusement Park, or Favorite Beach Town, please make sure you check the mark for Wildwood!

Thanks for reading!