Wildwood weather and storms are some of the most unpredicted kinds of force that I will never quite understand. One second a storm could be coming and then boom, disappears in the back bays. Other times storms come out of no where with no warning. Yesterday’s storm was one of those, hey where did that just come from.

To recap the storm and the storm damage, here are some pictures and videos. (Photos first then Videos last)

Erin Convery 2 Erin Convery Kathleen Bowdoin Tahmasebi Laci Bair North Wildwood Beach Patrol losing it's shingles on the roof.  Mechie Michelle Mccausland Petya Kantareva  Ray Bachman  Thomas A. Shute VI 2 Thomas A. Shute VI Wildwood Crest 2 Wildwood Crest FB Page

LeeAnn Coakley DiFulvio Debris on 20th from a rooftopRay Bachman 2














Tom Wright
Beth Higgins 2 Beth Higgins Christin Zanghi‎13522989_1203845579649531_265374100842857305_o





Photos and video by Wildwood Crest FB Page, Ashley Nicole, Eric Martino, Erin Convery, Kathleen Bowdoin Tahmasebi, Laci Bair, LeeAnn Coakley DiFulvio, Mechie Michelle Mccausland, Petya Kantareva, Ray Bachman, Shelly Bella, Thomas A. Shute VI, Tom Wright and Marty Bouchard.