Wildwood To Keep Rio Grande Ave Name 

Wildwood To Keep Rio Grande Ave Name 

Wildwood To Keep Rio Grande Ave Name

Last week we announced that Rio Grande was getting a name change to Beach Ball Boulevard. It was part of the grande opening of the new entry into the Wildwoods. If you want to read that article click the link below.

Rio Grande Ave Gets NEW Name

Greater Wildwoods Tourism Authority (GWTIDA) and the Commissioners looked at the improvements as an opportunity to rebrand the gateway with a new name. After an extensive survey of over 5,000 responses predominantly reached with social media and advertised in local newspapers, Beach Ball Boulevard was the recommended choice. 

After much going back and forth with locals , it has now been decided to change the name back to Rio Grande. 

In press release today Wildwood Mayor Pete Byron said, “After announcing last week that the street name was being changed to Beach Ball Boulevard, we have heard from a large number of residents expressing their views that we should keep it Rio Grande Avenue.”

We want to know what you think about the change back. Did you like Beach Ball Blvd or would you rather have Rio Grande Ave. VOTE below! 

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