Wildwoods Christmas Decoration Tour 2022

The Christmas spirit is a feeling of warmth, love, and happiness that is often associated with the holiday season. It is a time for families and friends to come together, exchange gifts, and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The Christmas spirit is also characterized by acts of kindness and generosity towards others and a feeling of goodwill toward all.

Wildwoods Christmas Decoration Tour 2022

Wildwoods Christmas Decoration Tour 2022

One way to cultivate the Christmas spirit is by participating in traditional holiday activities such as decorating a Christmas tree, baking cookies, or singing carols. These activities help to create a festive atmosphere and bring people together in celebration.

In the Wildwoods folks have been decking the halls with tons of Christmas decorations.

Since so many people can’t make it down the shore for Christmas, we like to drive around and take photos of the decorated Wildwood houses and buildings so that you can see how they look all Merry and Bright.

As the sun sets and the streets are bathed in the soft glow of holiday lights, it is hard not to feel swept up in the magic of the season.

If you’re like us, you love to drive around and check out the Christmas decorations. It is a fun and festive activity that many people enjoy during the holiday season. We always don Santa hats and blast Christmas music as we tour the Wildwoods.

It is always amazing to see brightly lit Christmas trees in windows, wreaths hanging on doors, and strings of twinkling lights strung along shore town buildings.

Join us as we drive around and showcase some of our favorite decorations in the Wildwoods.

We also filmed a video touring Cape May at Christmas time. If you want to watch that video CLICK HERE. 

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