If you have noticed, there is a new dessert shop on the boardwalk called Ice Hot Teppanyaki. Of course, I have never heard of such a dessert before so I decided to check it out for myself. I have a feeling that this new shop will be busy through-out the summer. I bet you are wondering what makes this place so special? It’s the way they make it.

Teppanyaki normally is associated with the Japanese way of grilling up meat and seafood on a hot flat metal surface. Now instead of thinking of it being a hot surface change it with a super cold metal surface and exchange the meat and seafood for ice cream and topping.

In a sense it is like a Cold Stone Creamery but better and this is why. Ice Hot Teppanyaki smashes your ice cream until it is completely flat. Once flatten, they scrap up the ice cream into a a rose shape. They continue to do this until all the ice cream is off the surface. Lastly they add on top an unlimited amount of toppings. Toppings from marshmallows to chocochips.

Here are some photos of the finished product.

Ice Hot Teppanyaki Wildwood

Ice Hot Teppanyaki Wildwood

This video (below) gives you a good idea on how the Ice Hot Teppanyaki is made.
Photos by Ice Hot Teppanyaki’s Facebook Page


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