Wildwood’s Relaxed Alcohol Restrictions Explained

Yesterday the city of Wildwood announced a new rule that would relax alcohol restrictions on the island. If you want to read that press release click the link below.

Wildwood Allows Consumption OF Alcoholic Beverages In the Public Right of Way

Many people had questions about how this proclamation so today the city explained it a bit further.

Wildwood’s Relaxed Alcohol Restrictions ExplainedWildwood’s Relaxed Alcohol Restrictions Explained

Wildwood’s Relaxed Alcohol Restrictions Explained

By way of the proclamation passed 6/5/20, beginning immediately, patrons are permitted to drink “to go alcohol” in the public right of way (sidewalks), immediately adjacent to the licensed premises where the alcohol was purchased. We have asked restaurants/bars to mark where patrons can drink but allow sufficient room for pedestrian foot traffic. Once the patron opens up their beverage in the right of way to consume outside the establishment, they cannot take it to another area.

Retail license holders can begin applying online through the ABC Posse system for a Temporary Covid Permit which would allow them to extend their license areas (aka the areas patrons can consume alcohol) into areas such as parking lots and the public right-of-way. The City will review those applications on a rolling basis via local ABC meetings. If approved, the permit would not go into effect until June 15th. Also, restaurants/bars may apply to Steve Booy to put tables and chairs in their parking lots and the right-of-way.

June 15th

Restaurants are permitted to allow outdoor seating under Executive Order 150. Those approved, temporary Covid permits would become effective (i.e., their licensed areas would expand and they would be permitted to provide waiter/waitress service to those approved areas).

July 15th

The relaxation of the open container laws would expire, and retail license owners must have received a temporary Covid permit to serve alcohol, or allow drinking, in their parking lots or the right-of-way.

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