Wildwood’s “Rock the Beach” And Another Events Cancelled

This week we heard some sad news from Boardwalk Entertainment Co. that they decided to temporarily shut down.

Boardwalk Entertainment Co. is the company that held the food truck festivals and some beach concerts including the Tim McGraw concert from 2016.

They had scheduled future events that included “Rock the Beach,” which would have been three days (July 16, 18, and 20) of concerts and other announced events such as a professional wrestling event, Movies on the Beach, the Wildwood Food Truck Festival and more.

This announcement comes as Boardwalk Entertainment Co. owner and founder Amanda Thomas, was charged in $5,000 theft. (Click here to read the Press of Atlantic City article) 

In an interview with us Thomas said,

“To protect the reputations of all involved, including the City of Wildwood, I decided to pull the events. Its not fair for third parties to have to ride this out with me, this is something I have to handle on my own. Cancelling the events is also for my own sanity. I have to take a step back and handle this situation. It’s been an extremely stressful situation that I am working hard to settle. The decision to pull our events was not easy, and cancelling a 3 million dollar investment into Wildwood with the Rock the Beach-Wildwood event is heartbreaking.”

The good news is that these events could still happen. Thomas told us that she passed the rights to the event concepts to another promoter who could apply to host the events.

We hope that with it still being winter there is enough time to get another promoter involved so that we can still enjoy all these amazing events.

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Tune back in for more details in the coming days.

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