Will Hurricane Florence Hit New Jersey??

With Tropical Depression Gordon beating down on the Gulf a new hurricane, Florence, is popping up on the radar.

The National Hurricane Center has issued an advisory on Hurricane Florence, located over the east-central tropical Atlantic Ocean. Florence currently is a Category 3 hurricane which is considered a major one. Her winds have sustained winds at 125 miles per hour with a path heading towards the East Coast.

As you can tell from video below, brought to us via NorEasterNick, there are two major scenarios this could go. Scenario two shows Florence hitting the trough, or the dip in the jet stream, and head straight out to sea. Scenario one shows Florence missing the trough and head towards North Carolina.

Due to Florence still being far out at see we still have plenty of time until she will make any landfall. According to some maps it shows Florence to still be about eight days away.

The important thing to remember is that you should always have a plan ready just incase. It’s times like these where you should go to the store and prepared.

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