2018 Wildwood Pizza Tour Awards Best Pizza To…

For the past twelve years, a group of guys have been going up and down the boardwalk tasting every single single of pizza found on the boardwalk.

This year the Wildwood Pizza Tour was held on Friday, August 3rd.  They started their quest for the best Wildwood pizza slice in North Wildwood (towards 16th street) and headed south towards the Wildwood Convention Center. All in all the guys tried 25 Wildwood boardwalk pizzerias!

Here’s a quick recap video of their adventure! (Below the video is the results)

These results are taken from the official Wildwood Pizza Tour Site


Best Value Slice (Taste, Price & Size)

5: Alex’s Pizzeria – P3R: 57.24

4: Mack’s Pizza – P3R: 58.04

3: Franconi’s Pizza – P3R: 60.44

2: Olympic Flame – P3R: 61.16

1) :  Joe’s Pizzeria – Value Rating (P3R) = 71.40


Largest Wildwood Pizza Slice

5) Alex’s Pizzeria – 42.50 sq. inches

4) Franconi’s Pizza – 42.50 sq. inches

3) Angelo’s – 45.00 sq. inches

2) Jumbo’s Pizzeria – 49.50 sq. inches

1)  Joe’s Pizzeria – 71.4 sq. inches


The Best Wildwood Slice 2018

5) Fisher’s – 3.5

4) Little Nicky’s – 3.6

3) Olympic Flame – Avg: 3.7

2) Joe’s Pizzeria – Avg: 4.2

1) Mack’s Pizza – Avg: 4.2

Let us know if you agree with Mack’s Pizza being the best slice on the boardwalk!!

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