2020 New Jersey State Firemen's Convention Is Cancelled

2020 New Jersey State Firemen’s Convention Is Cancelled

2020 New Jersey State Firemen’s Convention Is Cancelled

We have some sad news today.

A special meeting of the executive committee of the New Jersey state Fireman’s association was held on Saturday, May 30 at 9 AM to discuss the 2020 NJSFA caucuses and convention. Due to the state of Emergency in New Jersey the NJSFA held the meeting today via zoom.

During the meeting they had decided to cancel the 2020 Convention. The wording on their website is as followed;

“The Executive Committee held a special meeting today, Saturday, 5/30, and voted 21-0 to cancel the 2020 Convention and incorporate the necessary voting at “walk Through” County Caucuses.”

The New Jersey State Firemen’s Convention was supposed to take place on the weekend of September 18th, 19th and 20th.

At this time not much is known about why they made their decision.

Some firemen’s activities will still be taking place that weekend so tune back in for more information.

Below I have attached the parade video from 2018.

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