Wildwood Crest Mayor Urges Gov. To Allow The Opening of Pools

Wildwood Crest Mayor Urges Gov. To Allow The Opening of Pools

Wildwood Crest Mayor Urges Gov. To Allow The Opening of Pools

In a letter posted on Facebook today, Wildwood Crest Mayor, Don Cabrera, wrote an open l

etter to New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy, to allow the opening of pools. Below is his letter.

Dear Governor Murphy,

First, I am aware that I am a Mayor of a 42 block small shore community. In some respects some may say “small potatoes”. And that’s fine.

These are tough times for all of us but particularly hard for those that use their homes, have businesses, and vacation here at the shore. We have two – three months out of a year to make it or break it.

I have written draft guidance for pool use following a Mayors call at your office request over a month ago. And have asked weekly since. No response – No action.

I see nothing in any executive or administrative order prohibiting pool use. I am not sure how it came to be pools remain closed.

The curve has flattened and the downward trend commenced.

You allow county and local government to decide on short term rentals (hotels and motels and vacation homes). We did that. With that comes pool use. Without pools, guests won’t rent or ask for refunds.

You allow beaches to be open. And that’s the same state code that governs pools.

The CDC put forth pool guidance already. The state references CDC in your orders establishing CDC as credible.


If people are afraid to use pools, then don’t.

Let’s let the business and property owners decide what’s best or allow the county or local government to decide. Yes, social distancing is possible and sanitization. Yes , additional signage and hand washing stations can be installed.

Wildwood Crest is a tourism driven community and can not be broad brushed with the rest of the state.

Tune back later for more info!

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