A Change Coming To Mariners Landing?

A Change Coming To Mariners Landing?

A Change Coming To Mariners Landing?

Is there a change coming to Morey’s Piers Mariner’s Landing this summer? This is the question we ask you to investigate on our Wildwood drone video below.

As you may or may not know, this summer is the 50th summer for Morey’s Piers. In celebrating this milestone Morey’s Piers will be bringing us some amazing new things to the piers.

The first of the changes is the new coaster, The Runaway Tram. If you would like some details on the new coaster click the link below.

Morey’s Piers New Coaster “Runaway Tram”

Other changes haven’t been announced yet but do stay tuned for more amazing one.

Below is the drone video of Mariners Landing. Due us a favor and put your guess on our YouTube video and please Subscribe!

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