Morey’s Piers New Coaster “Runaway Tram”

We did it! WE were able to get our hands on the renderings for the New Coaster coming to Morey’s Piers Surfside pier!!!!

Earlier today Morey’s Piers showed us the artwork for the new coaster which included a hand drawn photo.

IF you want to watch the video on that use the link below.

Morey’s Piers Reveals NEW Coaster Car!

We now have photos of what the Sign and the new coaster will look like. (To see the photos watch the video below!)

To start things off, the new Morey’s Pier Coaster will be called “Runaway Tram.” This is of course themed to our iconic Tram Cars. It will be a family coaster that will take the space of the Doo Whooper and the Filter on Surfside Pier. Do not worry about the Doo Whooper. It isn’t going anywhere just yet.

Morey’s Piers Runaway Tram will keep to Wildwood’ Doo Wop theme and include a beautiful Doo Wop themed sign. The track layout will be big and will be painted yellow to match the tram car.

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The new coaster will be built by JRA, Jack Rouse Associates out in Cincinnati, Ohio. In describing the ride, JRA says;

“What happens when the boardwalk’s Sightseer tram goes haywire? Find out on this twisting, turning attraction that coaster fans of all ages are sure to love.”

I am sure we all are going to love it!!! Comment below on what you think about it. Are you exciting to ride it or are you wishing it was something else? I want to hear about it below! 

To see the photos watch the video below!

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