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Major Changes Coming To Surfside Pier In 2019

Major Changes Coming To Surfside Pier In 2019

Major Changes Coming To Surfside Pier In 2019

Major Changes Coming To Surfside Pier In 2019

There are some major changes coming Morey’s Piers Surfside Pier! As you know, 2019 will be 50 years since Morey’s Piers came into our life. So far with the construction and de-construction going on at the piers it looks like Morey’s will be celebrating 50 years with tons of changes!

Today we are going to go through all the changes we can see happening so far on Surfside Pier.  We went ahead and filmed a video for you that includes video from the ground and from the sky! [If you want to just read about the update you can go under the video. ] 


Let’s first list the major changes we can see so far.

For starts we already saw that the Flitzer was removed. If you didn’t see that update you can check out the link below.

Watch The Flitzer Get Ripped Out

We also saw that the old Go-Karts from Surfside pier was getting ripped out. That you can see by checking out the link below.

Ripping Out Surfside Pier’s Go-Karts

The next changes can be seen on our video below.

The Doo Whooper has been taken apart and moved to Dino Beach [Old Hunt’s Pier]. They did this last year too for refurbishing. We filmed a video of what that looked like. Check out the link below for that.

Doo Wopper Taken Apart

Next on the list, Happy Feet [kiddie swing] has been removed and placed on the beach.

Now we will make our way to the North Side of Surfside Pier.

If you look in the video you can see that the basketball game has been removed. By removed we are referring to the court, fence and even storage container. It looks like something might be being put there.

If you continue down the pier you will notice that the mini teacups have been removed from it’s footing. Looking at the video you can see that the mini teacups have been moved off the pier and on to the beach.

One final change, which I can’t really consider a change but rather a interesting thing to talk about. “IT,” has had all of it’s lights and signage taken down. Not sure if it’s getting new lights or a new theme. It’s not a ride that would be moved as it’s foundation is massive and could cost a ton to rebuild.

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