1940’s Saltwater Taffy Box Found

Hey everyone! I had a quick cool story to share with you today.

Ted Yaeckel uploaded a video on youtube showing off an old Saltwater Taffy Box from Wildwood. We wanted to get some information on this lost Saltwater Taffy company.

It all started in 1888 when the Sagel’s Saltwater Taffy company was created. By the 1930s Sagel’s made their home on the Wildwood Boardwalk. Sagel’s was located near the Ocean Pier at Poplar Avenue.

Sagel’s was lost in the great Christmas Day fire of 1943 that claimed the beautiful Ocean Pier, several apartments and scores of other businesses. 

Silver’s Salt Water Taffy purchased the recipes and the location and was back in business by 1945.

Below is the video that Ted took of the box.



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