Mysterious Sounds From The Delaware River

Mysterious Sounds From The Delaware River

Mysterious Sounds From The Delaware River

Thank you to Carol Napoleon Hampton for allowing us to share this strange occurrence with us.

People around Pennsville, NJ have been hearing mysterious sounds and strange music coming from the The Delaware River these past few days. The sounds were being played from sunset until early morning hours.

The residents contacted the Penns Grove Police department to investigate and they were unable to find where the source was coming from.

In a post on their Facebook page, the Penns Grove Police said;

“This past weekend the 9-1-1 callboard was inudated with loud music complaints for the Penns Grove, Carneys Point, and Pennsville jurisdictions. On October 20th the callboard fielded over 100 calls for the loud music. Officers determined that the loud music was originating from an unknown location in Delaware. The Delaware State Police were contacted and requested to investigate the origin, however their attempts were unsuccessful. If the problem persists we will make further efforts in locating the origins.”

The music hasn’t stop and the residents have been searching on the other side of Delaware to see if there could be a club or a house with loud music but there has been no success.

Take a listen to the sound below and guess in the comment section on what you think it could be.

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