Ripping Out Surfside Pier's Go-Karts

Ripping Out Surfside Pier’s Go-Karts

Ripping Out Surfside Pier’s Go-Karts

I have some sad news for everyone today. As I was filming the update video on the Flitzer deconstruction, [Which you can watch by clicking here — Flitzer Deconstruction Update ] we saw some activity going on under the boardwalk.

As you all may know, Surfside Pier used to have Go-Karts under them. They were 8 tickets and were called Formula One Raceway. We announced the removal of the Formula One Raceway in 2016 for our New For Summer 2016. You can see the video below.

At that point until a week ago the only thing that happened to the removal was that the steps were taken down. Today we have to announce that they are ripping out the concrete and road barriers under the boardwalk. For those who hoped that the go-karts would come back it’s looking less likely.

We filmed a video of what it looks like. You can check it out below.

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