The History of Morey's Piers Flitzer

The History of Morey’s Piers Flitzer

The History of Morey’s Piers Flitzer

Hey everyone! This is Joey from The Wildwood Video Archive. I wanted to start a new YouTube series about the amazing rides that we grew up with in the Wildwoods. It would be a series that looked at the very beginnings of some of Wildwood’s famous rides and explain what happened to them over time. We would call this series “Wildwood’s Famous Rides.”

On this first episode I figured it would be fitting if we jump right on to the Flitzer as it is leaving Morey’s piers very soon.

If that was breaking news for you then you need to be caught up. Click one of the links below before continuing to the video.

My Last Ride On The Flitzer

Flitzer’s Final Farewell Party

This Is Why The Filtzer Is Being Removed

Ok, so let’s dive right into this history video. I promise it’s entertaining!

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Photos and videos by 

Andy Harris

FOX 35 Orlando

Rachel Spares

Mark Russo

Wildwood Historical Society

Lee Brasch

Andrew Rodgers

Scott Hand