Friday Nor’Easter Update

Well folks it’s here! We have been monitoring this Nor’Easter for the past week and we have been pretty spot on the money about what would be happening.

The heaviest of the rain is going to start around 7pm on Friday and start to drop rain until late afternoon on Saturday. The rain will be out of our area by roughly 11am on Saturday.

When the rain moves into our area the wind will come with it. Friday The wind gusts will be up to 11mph with early Saturday morning taking the brunt of the gusts up towards 44mph. By Saturday afternoon the winds will die down back to 11mph.

Flooding wise we are looking for Saturday morning to have the most impact. With the passing Hunter’s full moon the tides are still a bit higher than normal. The wind gusts will also be pushing the rain around making draining a bit harder.

If you are planning to come down for the weekend lucky for us most late afternoon events will be dry. You can check out Wildwood’s events by using the link below!

This Weekend in The Wildwoods (Oct 26th – Oct 28th)

Our buddy NorEasterNick did an amazing broadcast to illustrate the weather late last night. You can check out his forecast below.