Morey’s Piers is hosting “A Closer Walk” which is a Christian Youth event starting Thursday July 30th through Saturday August 1st. This marks the 14 summer that “A Closer Walk” will take place here in the Wildwoods.

For those who have not heard of “A Closer Walk,”  Morey’s Pier’s website describes it as,

“a dynamic Christian youth event designed to help young people strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ. ”

The event includes camping on the beach, performances by multiple Christian singers and bands (listed below) and ocean baptisms.

The performers are as follow: Leeland, Guest speaker Dave Nasser, and Phil King.
If you would liked to purchased tickets you can do so online at Morey’s Piers event ticket page. Purchasing online is only available until July 29th.  After July29th you must purchase your tickets in-person at an “A Closer Walk” event check-in. Make sure if you do purchase your tickets online you MUST print your tickets.

Ticket prices are posted below from the Morey’s Piers page your your ease.

All Access Ticket: includes camping Thursday and Friday, breakfast and dinner on Friday, speaker and worship sessions, t-shirt, amusement rides and waterparks until 6 pm on Saturday.

$60* per person Purchase by June 30
$65 *per person Purchase by July 29
$70* per person Purchase on site

*plus applicable sales tax

Friday ONLY Ticket: includes speaker and worship sessions, amusement rides and waterparks on Friday only (does not include meals):

$40* per person Purchase by June 30
$45* per person Purchase by July 30
$50* per person Purchase on site

*plus applicable sales tax

Here’s a clip to the Facebook page for A Closer Walk.

To find out more information about a Closer Walk, please call Morey’s Piers at 609 -522-3900 X1195 or shoot them an email at

Please pack accordingly as you will be camping on the beach. The weather is unpredictable this far in advance. Be prepared if rain or thunder and lighting storms are in the forecast.

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