Did You Know KISS Once Performed In Wildwood?

Did You Know KISS Once Performed In Wildwood?

Did You Know KISS Once Performed In Wildwood?

This is a fun little series we’ve been doing on our site where we go back in time to see which A-list celebrities have performed in the Wildwoods. The last concert we featured was Elton John. Click the link below to read that story.

Did You Know Elton John Once Sang in Wildwood?

Wildwood was known from the 50s through the 70s as ‘Little Las Vegas‘ or the “Las Vegas of the East.” Many famous people would try their acts here and if they made here they moved on the Vegas.

On July 23, 1975, KISS visited the Wildwood’s Convention Center along with opening act “Mushroom.” The show originally was supposed to take place on July 5th but was cancelled. It was rescheduled after the band was involved in a car accident a few days leading up to the event. Luckily everyone was ok.

What makes their trip even cooler is that their concert in Wildwood was featured on their album “Alive!” The album doesn’t list which songs were recorded in Wildwood but there are audio online of them performing here. Check them out below.

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