Dollar Tree Starts Construction

Dollar Tree Starts Construction

Dollar Tree Starts Construction!

Last April we announced that Dollar Tree was making it’s way into Wildwood.

It will be located in Wildwood at 4315 New Jersey Ave wildwood NJ. If you missed our first announcement about the Dollar Tree coming to Wildwood you can use the link below.

 Dollar Tree Is Coming To Wildwood!

Through-out the summer not much progress had been made on the property. It was only until just recently construction crews had been coming in and out carrying concrete. Just last week the crews knocked down the original entrance to the Comcast building showing what progress had been made. We made a video to show you. 

From looking at the video below you can see that the entire building has been gutted in preparation for new walls, ceiling and floors.

Are you excited for the Dollar Tree? Let us know in the comment section!

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