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Wildwood Beach Erosion

Wildwood Beach Erosion

Beach erosion isn’t something out of the ordinary here in North Wildwood. Over the past couple of years the city of North Wildwood has been flighting with Mother Nature to keep it’s sand in place.

The last time we had bad beach erosion was in March. You can check out the video of that beach erosion by clicking on the link below.

North Wildwood Beach Erosion UPDATE

That following May, the city got to work on restoring the sand dunes and rebuilding the beaches. We filmed a video on how the North Wildwood beaches were saved. Click the link below to watch that video.

Saving North Wildwood’s Beaches 2018

Now on to what the beaches look like today. Keep in mind that this is only pertaining to North Wildwood. The beaches through-out the rest of the island are fine.

These photos and videos are taken by Lisa Lochel.



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