Hurricane Florence Category 4 Update

At 12pm today, the National Weather Service upgraded Florence from a Category 3 hurricane to a category 4. This has became a severe hurricane with sustained winds of 130 miles per hour with gusts up to 145 miles per hour.

According to the National Weather Service,

Damaging hurricane-force winds are likely along portions of the coasts of South Carolina and North Carolina with a Hurricane Watch in effect on Tuesday morning. The winds will spread inland into potions of the Carolinas and Virginia.

A life-threading storm surge is likely along portions of the coastline of South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia.

Now what does that mean for New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. According to the projected track of  Hurricane Florence, we aren’t going to get hit by anything major. If anything we could see rain and coastal flooding. The biggest thing we can do is see if the storm moves up a bit. This all depends on that high front that is keeping the storm in the Carolinas. If it were to move up a bit we will see some heavier rain and flooding.

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