Large Leatherback Turtle Washes Up In Cape May

Large Leatherback Turtle Washes Up In Cape May

Large Leatherback Turtle Washes Up In Cape May

Rosanne Rossi was strolling Higbees beach in Cape May when she saw something big in the distance. As she walked over she saw that it was a Leatherback Turtle. The turtle wasn’t moving so she went to the Sunset Gift Shop and informed the staff.

The staff and Rosanne called the The Marine Mammal Stranding Center. Currently the MMAC is working on removing the turtle safely.

This isn’t the firs Leatherback Turtle to wash up on the East coast this week. The first one showed up on a beach in Westbrooke, Connecticut.

You can read the article about it below.

Massive Leatherback Turtle Washes Up on Connecticut Shoreline

It seems that this turtle was unable to fight the forces of Hurricane Michael. 

This isn’t the first interesting animal to wash up on shore. This past summer a prehistoric fish was found on the beach. You can read about that by using the link below.

Prehistoric Fish Found On Jersey Beach

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