After a long and hard campaign by some residents of North Wildwood to change the city’s name to Anglesea, the November 8th voting has finally ended and the votes have been counted. We are proud to announce that in the end the majority of the residents have voted to keep the current name of North Wildwood.

After a 1597 vote, 

636 – favor

961 not favor
Non-favor wins.

Now keep in mind that this vote was a “No-Binding” vote which typically means that the vote is just an expression of support. This meant that even if the residents voted yes, it would not be a define yes but just a wonder if people supported the idea.

As soon as we find out more details or information about the vote to change North Wildwood’s name in Anglesea, we will go ahead and post it here! Thank you for reading!

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North Wildwood Keep's Her Name

North Wildwood Keep’s Her Name


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