Sea Serpent Coaster’s New Trains Revealed

Back in December (10th), Morey’s Piers made the big announcement that this year they were making some massive upgrades on their Sea Serpent Roller coaster.

Purchased in 1983 and built on the boardwalk in 1984, the Sea Serpent roller coaster was built by Vekoma, and was the first boomerang-style coaster to be built in the US. That means if you see any other of it’s kind in the states you know that they must have seen it at Morey’s first.

Since the Sea Serpent is the oldest it was time for some upgrades. Some of the upgrades included, the replacement lift hill #2, new breaks, and new harnesses.

In the off-season we were able to bring you updates on the construction. It was surely strange to see half of the Sea Serpent coaster missing.

You can check out those videos of the progress of the coaster by clicking the links below.

Cranes Are Removing Parts Of Sea Serpent

Sea Serpent Coaster Track Has Arrived!

With Morey’s Piers finally opening on July 2nd, we were able to get a look at the new trains and it’s harnesses. We took our camera and gave you a tour of the pier.

[You can see the tour of the pier under the train photos]

Sea Serpent Coaster’s New Trains Revealed

Sea Serpent Coaster’s New Trains Revealed

Sea Serpent Coaster’s New Trains Revealed

Sea Serpent Coaster’s New Trains Revealed

The Sea Serpent coaster isn’t open for the summer yet but tune back later for updates.

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