Sea Serpent Coaster Track Has Arrived!

We have some great news coming off the beaches of Wildwood! New and refurbished tracks for the Sea Serpent Coaster are starting to arrive on the beach next to Mariners Pier.

For those who don’t know, back in November we wrote an article that said that the Sea Serpent Coaster would be going under some heavy duty refurbishment and maintenance. This maintenance required the removal of lift hill two. If you want to read that article click the link below.

What Happened With The Sea Serpent?

It’s been a few months since the removal of lift hill two and just this week new and refurbished track pieces have been popping up on the beach.

Our friend Samuel Shurgott uploads some photos of how the tracks pieces look. Take a look at the photos under this article.

The next question I know you are asking is if the coaster will be open in time for Moreys Piers Opening day? Our sources tell us that it unfortunately will not.

Check back for more info and enjoy the photos below!