Help Rename Rio Grande Ave!!!

A brand new gateway to the Wildwoods is currently under construction along Rio Grande Avenue and the City of Wildwood would appreciate some feedback and suggestions about this project.

If you don’t know, the city is far into it’s project which includes raising the road, adding in a new pumping station, adding new sidewalks, an entrance sign and a park. If you want to read more about it click the link below.

Rio Grande Entrance Project 

As the city says, “While the current name Rio Grande Ave. (Rt. 47) has been in place for a long time, it’s hardly a name that represents the entryway to one of the greatest seaside towns in the world. We’re asking residents, second homeowners, and vacationers of the Wildwoods to weigh in.”

The city wants you to answer  5 questions in the survey link below. Those who do will be entered to win a Wildwoods prize package. (below the link to the survey are mock photos.)

Check out the mock up photos below!

This project is scheduled to be completed by Memorial Day Weekend.

We were there recently and filmed an update video. Check it out below.